Infrared Sauna Review

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Infrared Sauna Review

For Christmas this year, my husband bought me an Infrared Sauna, and here is my Infrared Sauna review… For months I had been researching the ins and outs of its value and specifically, how beneficial it would be to me in managing my pain. I read everything there was to read on the topic, talked to my doctor and my physical therapists, researched reviews and ultimately found a great deal on-line from Costco. (It was on sale, reduced to $999) While waiting anxiously for its delivery just prior to Christmas, I hoped that it would prove to be everything I wished it to be.

When the box arrived (and holy crow, it was a big box) I was beyond excited, wanting to immediately set it up in its predetermined location. (My husband and I had decided to put it in our 2nd floor Sunroom, having been assured that our standard power outlet would accommodate it.) My husband however teased me mercilessly, telling me that I needed to wait until Christmas Day for its maiden use.

A half an hour later and somewhat frustrated, I went to the store for an errand. An hour into my errands, I got a call on my cell that the sauna was put together and working beautifully. I’ll never forget how excited he was in telling me that it was ready for use. He was beaming at the fact that he and my son were able to do it so quickly and even more importantly, so easily. No tools of any significance were needed, everything fit as described, and it was fully operational, plugged into our standard outlet.

Our new sauna was complete as described; with a timer and temperature setting panel, interior light, MP3 jack with speakers, and tempered glass door. Some surprises that I appreciated but did not expect were a towel bar, shelves, and a magazine rack. I also didn’t imagine it would smell so good. Kind of like a cedar chest… It was a thing of beauty.

Even more impressive however is what this lovely enclosed box actually does. Within 20 minutes (when in a room temperature area) the sauna is heated to 135-140. (I make this note because our sunroom is not heated so it takes longer to heat up when the room temperature is very low. This would be important to know if someone is planning on putting one in their garage or a cool basement.)

I’ve had saunas before – certainly not owned them, but have used them at the gym and the occasional spa – and the infrared experience is unlike what I had experienced. The science behind these infrared hot boxes states that infrared is different in the sense that this dry heat penetrates the skin by up to 2 inches, actually creating a cellular changes. This is unlike a swedish steam sauna that only affects the surface of the skin. Given my specific health issues which are musculoskeletal in nature, this sounded like a winner to me and frankly, I believe it.

My arthralgia’s are a bit better, but most important to me is that my painful trigger points due to fibro and myofascial disease are much looser. Within 2 weeks of regular use I frankly began to see marked improvement, as did my physical therapists. The painful pebble-like knots of fascia I could feel throughout my body were smaller and hurt less, and over time have almost disappeared completely. My physical therapist was astounded, and after seeing them 3 times a week for nearly 4 months, they recommended releasing me from their care because they could do no better with their efforts.

Another benefit is that my skin looks and feels great. In flushing out toxins and impurities, it appears more supple and younger. I also thoroughly enjoy the ritual of dedicated “me” time. With the MP3 hook up, interior speakers and the interior light, I can advantage some quiet time, either enjoying quiet music or reading. It’s become somewhat meditative, and I’ve found that that is a great way to start my day.

I will note that while the sauna has proven itself to be a major winner in all regards, I did go back and order the back rests within only a few days of using the sauna without them. Because of my pain, it was difficult for me to sit completely upright without leaning into the carbon panels that generate the heat itself. The backrests (which come in pairs) are magnificent, as I can now lean into the sauna with no potential of a burn. They look great too, matching the general construct of the sauna itself.

On a last note, and of definite importance, I admit I was “sweating” the appearance of my first electric bill and what it was going to show in the first full month of the sauna’s use. Bearing in mind that my son and I use it so regularly I was anxious that the bill would predicate the future of its regular use and affordability. I was thrilled to find that despite it’s daily use – from “preheat” to conclusion of a session (sometimes twice a day between the two of us)  that the bill only increased by 27$. And this was in the winter, when in the unheated Sunroom, it took longer for the preheat and more energy to maintain the heat.

Anyway I look at it, I do not have a single negative note to share on this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a sauna, or has health issues similar to mine. If you are considering one for yourself, make sure to check with your doctor before purchasing, to ensure they approve of your effort. Then shop around; or do as we did and join Costco! I love the unit they provided us and recommend their ordering process, delivery and the sauna itself wholeheartedly.




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    I have to say that for the past few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive articles on this site. Keep up the great work.

    • Gayatri says:

      I use my sauna during my lunch hour as my think time . The sotulide of the sauna helps me think through the work-life challenges, and of course, the infrared sauna benefits from 45 minutes every other day energizes me to accomplish my health goals.

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